A public-private partnership for business development at general aviation airports.


Committed to Sustainable Improvement

This is an exciting time for general aviation. Through the partnership with pilots, airport managers, and aviation business leaders, we’re able to provide financial support for business development and facility improvements at general aviation airports.

On January 1st, of 2014 we rolled out this program that will provide:

1. More opportunities for airport managers to foster business growth and development at their airports

2. The ability for airport managers to easily finance new on airport hangar construction or new on airport building construction

3. The ability for airport managers to easily finance aviation business startups or expansions at their airports



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Monday, June 29, 2009

Fuel Price Update
Thursday's (June 25) closing fuel prices:
Crude oil was $70.23 a barrel, up $1.56 from the previous day. Jet fuel price was $76.53 a barrel, up $0.97.
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Friday, June 26, 2009

Biweekly FAA Aviation News update

Biweekly FAA Aviation News update

FAA Administrator Commits to NextGen Plan

In remarks to FAA employees at his first town-hall meeting last week, Administrator Randy Babbitt joked that when he started as a pilot (at Eastern Air Lines) he never wanted to meet the chief pilot and he NEVER wanted to meet the FAA administrator. Now, look where he is! Babbitt is approaching his assignment with three guiding principles:   accountability, credibility, and transparency.   On moving to the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen), he said, "We need to make it work. People are not going to continue to buy equipment they can't use." He committed to having a "substantial" NextGen plan by the end of the summer.

Arlington Fly-In Takes Off July 8

Considered by many the largest GA event in the northwest United States , Washington State ’s Arlington Fly-In kicks off in just over two weeks on Wednesday, July 8, and runs through Sunday, July 12.   More than 1,000 planes from all over the Northwest, California , and Canada flock to this small, friendly town like homing pigeons to the roost.   The near week-long event brings out light-sport and experimental aircraft of every description, Warbirds from WWII through Vietnam , airshow performers, and one-of-type aircraft, including the only flying Boeing Model 40 in the world. Be prepared for more than 100 forums, workshops and special events, including an FAA-sponsored Job Fair from 0900 to 1400 on Friday, July 10.  

“The time spent at the grassroots level of aviation is an inspiring experience,” says FAASTeam Manager Minard Thompson, who has attended the event for many years.   Thompson, along with other FAASTeam reps will be out in force at the FAA tent, so be sure to stop by and say hello.

Is Your Airplane Worthy?

Coined by the early ’90s Saturday Night Live skit characters Wayne and Garth, “We’re not worthy” is an endearing phrase used to pay homage to their rock ‘n’ roll idols. But it also begs the question; could your airplane be telling you the same thing?   Is it “worthy” for flight? Vitally important to flight safety, airworthiness—and understanding its meaning—can also be a stumbling block for some pilots.   In his “Airworthy or Not?” article in the May/June 2009 issue of FAA Aviation News, Barry Ballenger helps break down this very subject.   Ballenger points out two important conditions that must be met when determining airworthiness. First, the aircraft must conform to its type certificate and any approved changes to the type design. Second, it must be in a condition for safe operation, which is determined in large part during your preflight inspection. Remember, if you, as PIC, have any concerns about the condition of an aircraft, don’t fly until you have a properly certificated mechanic or repair facility determine if it is safe for flight. As Wayne and Garth would say, here’s hoping your future flights are “ex-cellent!”

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FAA Aviation News update

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